Evacuation Products

emergency flashlightAll Purpose Emergency Radio/Light (EVA-03)

Use our versital AM/FM radio with emergency siren, torch and fluorescent lights for up-to-the-moment emergency instructions. The radio can be powered by batteries or generator crank. Carry attachment is included



UPP Laboratory Tested Hard Hats (EVA-04)

hard hatOur custom-designed, OSHA-approved hard hats utilize 4-point or 6-point suspencsion head fit construction. They are perfect for Floor Warden recognition and are ideal during practice drills and actual emergencies. Available with your logo and choice of identifying colors.



Reflective Safety Vests (EVA-05)

Our vests are class rated with ANSI standards and are OSHA approved. Imprinted with your logo, our reflective green vests render the utmost visibility for Floor Warden recognition. One size fits most with velcro attachment. Custom made vests with custom features also available


crank flashlightBright Portable Flashlight (EVA-10)

This handy, easy-to-use light is perfect to keep in your desk and can be used in all situations. Can be operated by batteries or hand generator crank and includes handy carry attachment.


Deluxe Hand Generator Light 

This light stays lit with just one crank and is fully charged with 10-20 crank
s. It is excellent during power failures, in stairwells and during evacuations. Includes carry attachment



Exclusive Emergency Flashing Umbrella (EVA-13)

This umbrella has a flashlight on the handle with bright white, red and blinking lights. Use it when exiting the building, in parking lots or roadside emergencies. The flashlight component is also detachable for your safety and convenience. Walk safely in the rain with flashlight in one hand while umbrella keeps you dry